About the SCAA

The Southern California Auctioneers’ Association has been the foremost professional association serving the auction public and professional auctioneers of Southern California for almost a century. It is the watchdog between the public and its auctioneer members concerning ethical and business problems. It provides a business and social unity to its auction members.

The Southern California Auctioneers’ Association webpage www.socalauctions.org lists all auctions to be performed by its members in Southern California, throughout the United States, and worldwide. The auctions are placed on the website by each member auctioneer as they come up. The Auction Page changes as auctions are added or dropped when an auction has passed.

Our Auction Page is a free service to the public. It is the best way to keep on top of auctions, especially in Southern California. If there is interest in a listed auction, click on it for more information. For even more information, you can click directly to the auctioneer member’s website. It’s just an easy click away.